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Green Growth in China
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Putting more teeth into occupational health and safety
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Hydrofluorid acid is history
„Innovation is a people business“
From Switzerland to Hong Kong

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Big words that mean a lot. In this magazine we are redefining key issues. Foresight, alliance, uncharted territory: We are setting our own course with our vocabulary and showing that, for us, sustainability is more than just protecting the environment, growth is more than investment, and innovation is more than inventiveness.

Fore | sight

Savvy, systematic consideration of all key factors; prudence

Sustainable strategies require consistency and steadiness. Corporate responsibility leaves no room for “we’ve always done it that way.” The only way to improve is by questioning and rethinking established solutions. Only those who act with foresight can achieve success in the long term.

Al | li | ance

Cohesion (of groups of common interest)

Allies have their eye on the same goal—and they work together to achieve it. Successful companies build on the strengths of their individual units, which support and inspire one another. And they benefit from combining efforts with external partners. Innovation arises when established structures meet new concepts. When expertise is combined, ideas become very powerful. Great things can be achieved through collaboration.

Un | chart | ed | ter | ri | tory

New, previously unknown, unexplored land or region

Entering uncharted rerritory requires courage, passion, and a plan. Adventure begins where the beaten path ends. When a company goes on a voyage of discovery, a longterm strategy acts as a compass for them. No matter wether it comes to conquering new markets, new technologies, or outer space, keeping your eyes on the prize and having the right people by your side make every excursion a success.