R&D is the practice of keeping an open mind in the pursuit of innovative customer problem-solving.

Evan Green, Research & Development Scientist

Research & Development

Research & Development is a key part of our success.
More than 700 Research & Development employees worldwide ensure a continuous flow of new stimuli. We encourage you to bring your creative ideas and be part of our international and interdisciplinary team. At Heraeus you will not only experience creative diversity – you will also help to shape it.

At Heraeus innovation is a key principle. Our employees not only think collaboratively – they think ahead. Different approaches are called for – particularly in the Research & Development Divisions. Make use of the space and room to available to maneuver yourself to question the status quo and develop new ideas and products.

Catalytic converters for exhaust gas purification, quartz glass for optical fibers in telecommunications applications, or high performance UV germicidal irradiation devices for drinking water – these are just a few examples of the wealth of innovation that our Research & Development scientists have at their fingertips.

Together with your colleagues, you will find yourself developing applications and processes that are integral to the manufacturing of a number of products that are featured in our everyday lives. This enables us to cater to our customer’s needs – while at the same time taking account of the needs and demands of the future. We look forward to your ideas!