humm3TM - Intelligent heat for Automated Fibre Placement (AFP)

humm3TMis our breakthrough technology and represents a step change in heating Automated Fibre Placement (AFP):
A flexible, controllable heat solution for rapid lay-up thermosets, dry fibre and thermoplastics, with three programmable parameters.


For AFP manufacturers, the choice is no longer limited to laser, infrared or hot gas. Heraeus Noblelight’s new technology is a sophisticated pulsed light solution which delivers uniform, highly controllable heat to the nip point area, over a wide range of temperatures.


Heat comparison humm3?
  • Enhanced safety – no laser enclosure required (operators can remain close to lay-up)
  • Rapid heat/cool with no residual lamp heat
  • Small agile head, ideal for complex curvatures
  • Three way control
    humm3? controls the heat profile using three programmable pulse parameters:
    • Energy
    • Duration
    • Frequency

  • Lay-up of AFP
    • Thermosets
    • Dry fibre
    • Thermoplastics
  • Dry fiber pre-forming
  • Thermoforming

Technical data

Thermal tows humm3?
  • Heat time/temperature equivalent to laser
  • High level 3 parameter thermal control
  • Control system that response to AFP head speed
  • Scalable heat zone size
  • Surface temps in excess of 400°C
  • This allows dry fiber lay-up speeds in excess of 1m per second