UV (UVGI) disinfection for physical therapy and fitness gyms

Disinfect without chemicals by simply using UV light

Offer your employees, patients and customers a feeling of safety and wellbeing through exemplary hygiene. Fitness and physical therapy facilities who have the more convincing hygiene procedures will keep and win more customers and patients. Benefit from the advantages of fast and easy UV light disinfection, also called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) - proven and tested for many years. Heraeus Noblelight offers you newly developed devices for disinfecting air and surfaces - for the challenges of today's globalized world, in which the corona pandemic will unfortunately not be the last.

  • If wet disinfection is too time-consuming and tedious for you,
  • if you don't want to rely solely on your guests or staff disinfecting the training equipment reliably and thoroughly without exception,
  • if you think that paper alone does not provide reliable protection for exam tables,

then take a look at our innovative solutions. For example, we offer a mobile, ergonomically designed handheld device for disinfecting surfaces and objects.

We also offer devices for the disinfection of the room air. Recirculation systems distribute pathogens throughout the entire room and, depending on the system design, even throughout the entire building. Ventilation systems with HEPA filters do not offer complete safety, because the filters become loaded with active pathogens of all kinds after only a short period of use. If HEPA filters leak, or during maintenance or replacement, active pathogens can escape and, in the worst case, spread widely. Our UV light modules for ventilation systems as well as those for floor, wall and ceiling mounting, disinfect the room air continuously.

Soluva? products disinfect air and surfaces

The Soluva? product range from Heraus Noblelight offers solutions for your needs. The products are suitable for:

  • Physical therapy, occupational therapy, alternative practitioners
  • Hairdressers, cosmetic studios, pedicure practice, podiatry
  • Gym, personal training, yoga studio
  • Martial arts center, dance school
  • and many more

Just contact us to learn more about your options. Or request further information using the contact form. We look forward to your inquiry!

Soluva? Product Overview

Learn more about application examples and the practical test of the fire department Erlensee-Langendiebach below.

UV disinfection: Experience for over 100 years

Scientifically proven: UV light destroys pathogens of all kinds, including corona viruses

Ultraviolet rays are divided into 3 groups with different wavelengths: UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The UV light of the C-spectrum, UVC, is particularly short-wave and therefore also particularly high-energy. When this UVC light hits the DNA of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, molds or mites, it destroys their genetic material inactivating 99.99 % of the germs. This also applies to multi-resistant germs – although germs cannot build up resistance to UVC light. A current scientific study by the University of Tübingen confirms the effectiveness of UVC radiation against the corona virus SARS-CoV-2.

Our customers have been using UV disinfection for many years to reliably decontaminate surfaces, air and water. UV disinfection is chemical-free, fast and effective.

Customers win by using UV (UVGI) disinfection in fitness studios

Perspiration flows, aerosols spread in the air, customers and guests touch numerous objects - fitness studios, dance schools, martial arts schools and all places where people train indoors face special challenges to maintain clean and healthy environments. Ventilation alone is not enough. Apart from the fact that ventilation in wind, snow and rain will probably take place too seldom and too briefly anyway. After all, those who work up a sweat are particularly sensitive to cold drafts. The open-window effect also makes athletes particularly susceptible to infections after intensive training. Even the immune system, weakened by training, must first recover.

Cleaning procedures for training facilities are particularly demanding if they are to offer employees and trainees as much security as possible against infection. But can you always be sure that every user will always disinfect dumbbells, balls, ropes, handles, equipment, bars, etc. reliably?

Chemical wet disinfection has further disadvantages. On the one hand, the cloths or the disinfection spray are expensive and have to be purchased continuously. On the other hand, the chemicals attack surfaces, making them brittle and unsightly. They may also create unpleasant odors and the ingredients can cause skin rashes and allergies.

UV light disinfection on the other hand is free of chemicals and works via a purely biological mechanism. High-energy UV rays destroy the DNA of pathogens in such a way that reproduction is no longer possible. Heraeus Noblelight offers devices for the disinfection of ambient air and for disinfecting surfaces and objects. This enables you to reliably disinfect the indoor air and surfaces in any training room, at the reception desk and in offices.

Creating trust: UV disinfection in therapeutic practices

Whether physical therapy, occupational therapy, podiatry or other therapeutic practices - here people come close and touch the same objects. Many patients are physically weakened by operations or are particularly at risk from previous illnesses.

Even exam table paper does not provide one hundred percent protection because patients usually touch the lateral edges when getting on and off of the table. To constantly disinfect all exam tables and exercise equipment using wet disinfection requires great effort. The chemicals in the disinfectant can attack surfaces and skin, causing allergies and eczema, plus they spread unpleasant odors.

Besides the disadvantages of the chemicals, wet disinfection takes time and is quite expensive in the long run. Heraeus Noblelight offers the new Soluva? products for chemical-free disinfection of room air and surfaces.

Disinfect surfaces and objects with UV (UVGI) light

Soluva? Zone H
Soluva® Zone H: Product in development

Since we wanted to know how our new mobile UV disinfection device Soluva? Zone H proves itself in daily practice, we made the battery-powered device available to the Erlensee-Langendiebach fire department for intensive testing. The rescue services quickly integrated the device into their daily cleaning procedures, and also used the device for special tasks, for example at emergency response sites. They successfully disinfected sensitive electronic devices with switches and keyboards, as well as emergency equipment such as flashlights, emergency radios and thermal imaging cameras.

The Soluva Zone H is as easy to use as a hair dryer. You learn it simply by observation. Test strips indicate the speed and distance to hold the device over the object to ensure effective disinfection. After a few applications, the distance and speed become second nature. So even with frequently changing personnel, Soluva? Zone H is an excellent solution for chemical-free, fast and effective disinfection of surfaces and objects.

You too can easily disinfect toilets, treatment tables, switches, buttons and handles, and exercise equipment with ultraviolet rays. Safety gloves are included. The device is ergonomically designed, has a large scattering angle and a particularly powerful and long-life UV lamp. The result - easy, reliable and cost effective disinfection.

Technical Data of Soluva? Zone H*

    • Electrical power: 39 Watt
    • UVC power: 14 Watt
    • Charger voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
    • Weight: 2 kg, plus battery
    • Color: black
    • Size: 550 × 180 × 120 mm

*All data refer to the current development status.

Purify room air with UV (UVGI) light

Soluva? Air D: Air disinfection for ventilation

We offer solutions for every room air disinfection situation. If you already have a ventilation system, the best solution is our Soluva? Air D. These are UV disinfection modules that we retrofit into any ventilation system. Depending on the design, Soluva? Air D can disinfect up to 25,000 cubic meters of air per hour.

We will be happy to advise you, calculate the necessary UVC dose and submit an offer. These complimentary services do not commit you to anything. Simply contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

Soluva? products for the disinfection of air

Soluva? Air M
Soluva® Air M: Product in development

For larger training rooms, therapy rooms, and your offices, we offer the Soluva? Air M for mounting on the ceiling. This unit disinfects up to 1,000 cubic meters of air per hour. Out of reach of your customers and patients, the unit is protected against accidental or deliberate damage. The Soluva? Air W is a wall-mounted unit that sterilizes 100 cubic meters of air per hour without taking up valuable floor space.

For smaller offices or rooms where fewer people are present, we recommend the floor-mounted Soluva? Air S which disinfects 100 cubic meters of air per hour. It looks like a mobile air conditioner, but is slimmer and more elegant in design.

Over 118 years of experience

Heraeus Noblelight is a pioneer and market leader in the UV (UVGI) light disinfection. Our customers have been using our products successfully for many years in:

  • hospitals, medical practices, laboratories and clean rooms
  • airports, offices and theaters
  • water treatment, packaging and food processing industry

How does UV disinfection of air, surfaces and objects work?

Ultraviolet light is an electromagnetic radiation in the range of optical frequencies. The wavelengths are so short that the ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the human eye. The wavelengths are divided into UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. We use UV-C light with a frequency range between 280 and 100 nanometers for disinfection.

UV-C light is very short-wave and very energy-rich. UV-C light inactivates bacteria, viruses and fungi. Air, surfaces and objects can be sterilized by irradiating them with UV-C light. UV light is therefore a chemical-free, environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to liquid disinfectants.

The same applies to Soluva? Zone H for UV disinfection: Protect your skin and eyes from ultraviolet radiation. That's why the Soluva? Zone H comes with gloves and a face visor. In addition, please wear long sleeves and a cap to protect your scalp.

All other UV disinfection systems such as floor standing units, wall mounted units or tabletop units shield occupants from the UV rays.

Are you interested in a solution for disinfection with UV light? Please contact us here!