Surface disinfection with UV (UVGI) light for hotels and event centers

Also, chemical-free room air purification using UV light

The hotel industry and organizers of trade fairs, conferences and conventions are among the industries most affected by the Corona pandemic in 2020. Without events there are fewer hotel guests. Without trust in the hygiene methods of the hosts, there are no events. Fully booked hotels and well-attended events - one does not exist without the other.

Creating trust with a convincing hygiene method

Soluva? Air S
Soluva® Air S: Product in development

Every hygiene or decontamination method requires you to spend more money, time and effort. This makes it more important that you invest your budget in the most efficient method available. This will enable you to offer guests, customers and employees a safe environment, stand above your competitors and strengthen your image as a responsible company. A safer environment brings more trust and, with customer acquisition, also more revenues.

A very efficient method of disinfection is UV light, sometimes called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). We developed solutions for hotels and convention centers to exactly meet your needs. Here an UV disinfection product overview:

Surface disinfection: Your cleaning staff simply passes our mobile, battery-operated device over surfaces or objects to disinfect them.

Ventilation system: You have a ventilation system? Before the air flows back into the rooms, powerful, low-maintenance and durable UV lamps disinfect the air.

Devices for the room: Create assurance with a floor-mounted, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted UV air disinfection device. Ideal for the hotel breakfast area, conference rooms, meeting rooms, the lobby or office.

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Scientific study proves effectiveness against coronavirus

UV light disinfects surfaces, air and water. Supporting its customers for over 100 years, Heraeus Noblelight is a pioneer and market leader in UV (UVGI) disinfection. Hospitals, medical practices, laboratories, clean rooms, airports, water treatment, as well as the packaging and food processing industries take advantage of chemical-free UV light disinfection.

The technology in Soluva? devices for UV disinfection is:

  • mature and proven over many years
  • powerful and low maintenance
  • durable and efficient
  • simple and fast

Over more than 100 years we have refined and adapted our UV lamp technology to the needs of our customers. During the Corona Pandemic, we developed special disinfection solutions - for as many affected industries as possible.

A prerequisite for us was the scientific proof that UV light inactivates the novel corona virus. We received this confirmation from the University of Tübingen. In a scientific study it was proven that UV irradiation of surfaces inactivates the corona virus to 99.99%. For other viruses, bacteria, molds and mites this fact has been known for a long time. Now we know that our newly developed UV disinfection devices for surfaces and objects also fulfill their purpose.

UV light destroys the genetic information of pathogens

There are three spectra of UV light: A, B and C. The light of the UVC spectrum is short-wave and particularly high-energy. The DNA of pathogens irradiated with UVC light absorbs the ultraviolet light. The light destroys the structure of the DNA and thus also the genetic material of the pathogens. The UV light is chemical-free and proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, viruses and even mites and multi-resistant germs. Microorganisms are unable to build up resistance to UV. The application is simple, effective and efficient.

Surface disinfection and decontamination of objects with UV (UVGI) light

Soluva? Zone H
Soluva® Zone H: Product in development

Wet disinfection with cloths or spray is complex and expensive. In the breakfast room or meeting room the smell is unpleasant. The chemicals can cause skin rashes or allergies. Alcohol and chemicals attack surfaces and can make them brittle and unsightly.

In contrast, disinfection with UV light is free of chemicals and alcohol. Our mobile, battery-operated device, the Soluva? Zone H, works mechanically and is as easy to use as a hair dryer. Your staff will learn how to use it safely after only a short instruction. So, you can quickly and efficiently integrate using the Soluva? Zone H into your existing cleaning procedures.

Disinfect restrooms, counters, tables, chair backs, keyboards, fittings and handles - in short: everything that many people touch - with UV light. Pass the disinfection device over the surfaces and objects at a certain distance and speed. Test strips show the user the correct speed and distance to pass the device over the objects and surfaces. The Soluva? Zone H is ergonomically designed for comfortable use. UV-protective gloves are included.

The fire department of Erlensee-Langendiebach successfully tested the Soluva? Zone H in their daily operations to disinfect equipment, tables, vehicle interiors and stretchers.

Technical data of Soluva? Zone H*

  • Electrical power: 39 Watt
  • UVC power: 14 Watt
  • Charger voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Weight: 2 kg, plus battery
  • Color: black
  • Maintenance: after 1000 operating hours
  • Size: 550 × 180 × 120 mm

*All data refer to the current development status.

Room air disinfection with UV (UVGI) light

We offer several solutions for the disinfection of room air. We can upgrade any ventilation system with the Soluva? Air D modules to disinfect ventilation air prior to distribution throughout rooms.

We also offer a stylish ceiling unit - the Soluva? Air M - for direct mounting on the ceiling. The modern design suits all interiors. The ceiling unit is clearly visible (assures occupants!) and at the same time protected from accidental or deliberate damage.

The wall mounted Soluva? Air W disinfects 100 cubic meters of air per hour. Equip hotel rooms, offices and meeting rooms with it. Here, too, in addition to its performance and durability, the attractive design integrates into any interior design and assures occupants.

The floor mounted Soluva? Air S is suitable for rooms with little or no public traffic. It also disinfects 100 cubic meters of air per hour and is similar to a slim mobile air conditioner.

Soluva? products at a glance:

Your advantages with Heraeus Noblelight

  • Over 100 years experience: Specialty expertise in UV disinfection
  • Solutions for every need: Disinfection of room air, surfaces and objects
  • Scientifically proven: 99.99 % destruction of pathogens
  • Most economical solution: Particularly powerful, low-maintenance and durable technology
  • Individual consultation: Free of charge. In person. Solution-oriented.

For a consultation appointment, simply use our contact form. Or request data sheets, more details about the study and further information.

How does UV disinfection of air, surfaces and objects work?

Ultraviolet light is an electromagnetic radiation in the range of optical frequencies. The wavelengths are so short that the ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the human eye. The wavelengths are divided into UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. We use UV-C light with a frequency range between 280 and 100 nanometers for disinfection.

UV-C light is very short-wave and very energy-rich. UV-C light inactivates bacteria, viruses and fungi. Air, surfaces and objects can be sterilized by irradiating them with UV-C light. UV light is therefore a chemical-free, environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to liquid disinfectants.

The same applies to Soluva? Zone H for UV disinfection: Protect your skin and eyes from ultraviolet radiation. That's why the Soluva? Zone H comes with gloves and a face visor. In addition, please wear long sleeves and a cap to protect your scalp.

All other UV disinfection systems such as floor standing units, wall mounted units or tabletop units shield occupants from the UV rays.

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