For building service providers: Air disinfection with UV light

Chemical-free disinfection in buildings of all kinds

Are you a building services provider, offering cleaning services, building services engineering or facility management? Then your tasks also include air pollution control and keeping surfaces clean.

Offer your customers as well as their employees and customers a plus of safety and a good feeling with hygienically clean air - simply by UV disinfection and retrofittable in every ventilation system. In addition to products for keeping the air clean with ultraviolet light, we also present a mobile device for surface disinfection. Get a valuable advantage over your competitors with the high-quality products from Heraeus Noblelight.

Whether hotel, service station, office building, school, university or research center - with our new Soluva? product range you get efficient and effective solutions for the disinfection of air, surfaces and objects for every need. Soluva? disinfects chemical-free, safely, quickly and easily with ultraviolet light.

Disinfection with UV light

Disinfection with UV light is for many years a proven and successful technology. A current scientific study at the University of Tübingen proves that within a few seconds Soluva inactivates 99.99% of all pathogens. This also applies to the SARS CoV-2 virus, the trigger of Covid-19.

Heraeus Noblelight is a pioneer and market leader in UV light (UVGI) disinfection technology. Our systems have been operating worldwide for many years in:

  • clinics and clean rooms
  • water treatment and at airports
  • food processing and in the packaging industry.

You benefit from Heraeus’ highly qualified experts and extensive experience – over 100 years ago one of our scientists developed the first high-pressure UV lamp.

We are happy to provide advice for your specific situation, recommend the appropriate product solution and carry out the corresponding dose calculations and custom design. Simply ask for further information or arrange an appointment.

How UV light affects viruses, bacteria and fungi

Ultraviolet radiation disinfects air, water and surfaces of all kinds. UV light in the wavelength range from 280 to 100 nm has a strong disinfectant effect, as it is short-wave and very high-energy. Already after a short exposure of only a few tenths of a second the rays destroy the genetic information contained in the DNA of the pathogens. The UV light kills 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, viruses and even mites and multi-resistant germs. Microorganisms are unable to build up resistance to UV. The application is simple, effective and efficient. For example, we can retrofit any ventilation system.

Soluva? Air D for ventilation systems

Soluva? Air D

We offer air disinfection modules for installation or retrofit into any ventilation systems. For ventilation systems with conventional filters, Soluva? Air D modules are a useful addition. Filters "consume" a part of the ventilation capacity, so systems equipped with these filters must be larger in size.

A further problem is the bacterial contamination of the filters. After only a short period of use, a large number of active pathogens of all kinds can be found on the filters. A human error during maintenance or replacement of the filters, or a leak pose great risks. The ventilation system could distribute pathogens throughout the building.

Soluva? Air D solves these problems by killing or inactivating pathogens in the air and thus also on the filter. Air disinfection with UV light does not affect the performance of the ventilation system. Our particularly powerful UV lamps are very durable and low-maintenance, partly due to a special coating inside the lamp. This reduces costs and valuable working time.

Soluva? Air M for ceiling mounting: vandalism-proof

Soluva? Air M

For schools, breakfast rooms in hotels, or other rooms that do not have a ventilation system, Soluva? Air M is particularly suitable for mounting on the ceiling. The capacity is 1,000 cubic meters of air per hour. The powerful, long-life UV lamps make the unit particularly efficient and low maintenance. Mounting out of human reach protects the unit from accidental or deliberate damage. The device is beautifully designed and fits in every setting in terms of color and material.

Soluva? Air S floor-standing unit

Soluva? Air S

The Soluva? Air S floor-standing unit looks like a mobile air conditioning unit. However, the design is slimmer, more elegant and more pleasing overall. With a capacity of 100 cubic meters of air per hour, the Soluva? Air S is suitable for offices, classrooms, meeting rooms and hotel rooms, for example. The unit is low-maintenance and equipped with our particularly long-life UV lamps.

Soluva? Air W for wall mounting

Soluva? Air W

Like the floor-standing unit, the Soluva? Air W also disinfects 100 cubic meters of air per hour. The device simply mounts on the wall and reliably performs its services without taking up valuable floor space.

Solutions for room air disinfection at a glance:

Solution for disinfection of surfaces and objects

If you frequently need to disinfect keyboards, handles, switches, buttons, tables and other objects and surfaces, then take a look at our battery-operated, mobile disinfection unit. Testing conducted with the Erlensee-Langendiebach fire department using the Soluva? Zone H provided convincing evidence for both ease of use and efficacy. The rescue services disinfected their equipment as well as the interiors of the fire engines and the desks, computer mice and laptops in their offices.

Technical data of Soluva? Zone H*

  • Electrical power: 39 Watt
  • UVC power: 14 Watt
  • Charger voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Weight: 2 kg, plus battery
  • Color: black
  • Maintenance: after 1000 operating hours
  • Size: 550 × 180 × 120 mm

*All data refer to the current development status.

Your employees will learn to disinfect with Soluva? Zone H immediately and just by watching. Test strips indicate the correct distance and duration of irradiation very quickly. It is easy to integrate the mobile disinfection unit into your existing cleaning schedule.

Disinfection with UV light: for health and well being

Protect your employees, customers and business partners by efficiently disinfecting the air. This will provide you with healthier indoor air quality and a considerable competitive advantage. The corona virus has shown us where our weak points are. Covid-19 is just one disease in a long series of new viral diseases. It is important to protect yourself and others now - and against future challenges. It is highly unlikely that the corona pandemic will be the last as globalization continues to advance.

How does UV disinfection of air, surfaces and objects work?

Ultraviolet light is an electromagnetic radiation in the range of optical frequencies. The wavelengths are so short that the ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the human eye. The wavelengths are divided into UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. We use UV-C light with a frequency range between 280 and 100 nanometers for disinfection.

UV-C light is very short-wave and very energy-rich. UV-C light inactivates bacteria, viruses and fungi. Air, surfaces and objects can be sterilized by irradiating them with UV-C light. UV light is therefore a chemical-free, environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to liquid disinfectants.

The same applies to Soluva? Zone H for UV disinfection: Protect your skin and eyes from ultraviolet radiation. That's why the Soluva? Zone H comes with gloves and a face visor. In addition, please wear long sleeves and a cap to protect your scalp.

All other UV disinfection systems such as floor standing units, wall mounted units or tabletop units shield occupants from the UV rays.

Are you interested in a solution for disinfection with UV light? Please contact us here!