black.infrared - Infrared Heat completely redefined

Extremely homogeneous and efficient for demanding heat processes


A revolution for high purity heat processes: The first infrared emitter that transmits the useful IR medium wavelengths with high power, enabling very homogeneous heat processes also under high-purity vacuum conditions.

New: our black.infrared technology is now availabe in a lab system, made for easy testing and process validation!

black.infrared homogeneity comparison
  • Radiation sources lose intensity with increasing distance
  • In the case of quartz tube emitters, the homogeneity increases with increasing distance
  • The optimum working range is a compromise between intensity and homogeneity
  • black.infrared emitters are designed in such a way that a radiant surface allows the greatest possible homogeneity independent from the distance

Flat black.infrared
The new black.infrared was developed in a flat design.
  • Semiconductor
  • Clean room applications
  • Process under vacuum conditions
  • Photovoltaics
  • Glass applications
  • Print
  • Coating

A black.infrared emitter combines infrared radiation in the medium-wave range at around 2.5 μm with high electrical power. This combination is so far unique.

Infrared radiation in medium wavelengths is particularly suitable for glass, plastics and most coating processes.

black infrared homogeneity thermal imaging

Non-contact energy transfer through infrared radiation is ideal for heat processes under vacuum conditions.

  • High power density (up to 200 kW/m2)
  • Medium wave spectrum about 1000°C; 2 - 2.5 μm peak temp
  • Outstanding infrared homogeneity
  • Suitable for vacuum applications, contact free
  • High purity (only silicon & oxygen)
  • Fast response time
  • Flexible geometries by modular set-up