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Beyond 2020: Heraeus offers solutions for semiconductors in AI, IoT and Big Data applications

27.06.2020: Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Big Data will drive the semiconductor market. Heraeus develops innovative solutions for technologies in a smart and digital future.

On the test: Materials in space

High-energy cosmic rays and icy temperatures of as low as minus 270 degrees Celsius: In space, materials for satellites, research equipment or space suits are exposed to stresses of a completely different nature than on Earth. We already have astonishingly resistant materials for space exploration at our disposal - made of quartz glass or amorphous metals, for example.

Heraeus Precious Metals - Setting the PGM agenda for the year ahead

Read about the evaluation and outlook on most important developments & trends in the PGM industry

Heraeus Precious Appraisal

2020/09/21 - The rhodium rally - bucking the trend

HeraeusCare COVID-19 patient monitoring

Heraeus Medical expands its digital solution to enable healthcare authorities to remotely monitor and prioritize potential COVID-19 patients.

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